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Sept 26th, 2023

Methylene Blue: A Powerful Weapon in the Battle Against Malaria?


Malaria is a grave illness caused by a parasite and transmitted via a specific mosquito type, resulting in severe symptoms resembling the flu.


  1. 🦠 Malaria is caused by a parasite.
  2. 🦟 The parasite infects a particular type of mosquito that bites humans.
  3. ⚠️ The disease can be serious or even fatal.
  4. 🌡️ Affected individuals often experience high fevers.
  5. 🥶 They may also have shaking chills.
  6. 🤒 Malaria presents symptoms similar to flu.


"Potent gametocytocidal drugs primaquine and methylene blue are two promising transmission-blocking tools that can be used for falciparum malaria control and elimination"

- Reported study by Clinical Research Centre of the Malaria Research and Training Centre (MRTC) of the University of Bamako - This study is registered with, number NCT02831023

In the tireless fight against malaria, scientists and researchers continually scour for potential treatments and methods to combat the disease. One of the lesser-known yet promising candidates in this endeavor is methylene blue. Historically, methylene blue was one of the first synthetic drugs used in the treatment of malaria. Its efficacy and safety have been topics of much speculation and research. A comprehensive analysis titled 'Efficacy and safety of methylene blue in the treatment of malaria: a systematic review' provides a deep dive into this subject.

What is Methylene Blue?

Before delving into its potential as an anti-malarial agent, it's important to understand what methylene blue is. It's a synthetic compound, originally developed as a dye. It was later discovered to have medicinal properties, especially against malaria, and was used before more sophisticated treatments were developed.

Methylene Blue's Role in Malaria Treatment

The systematic review brings to light a multitude of studies conducted over the years examining the therapeutic potential of methylene blue. Some key findings from this comprehensive analysis include:

  1. Efficacy: Multiple trials have found that methylene blue, when combined with standard anti-malarial drugs, can reduce the duration of malaria symptoms. Its unique mechanism of action can prevent the malaria parasite from developing resistance to other commonly used drugs.

  2. Safety: Historically, the main concern surrounding the use of methylene blue has been its safety. The systematic review assures that the drug is generally safe for use in malaria treatment, with side effects being rare and mostly minor.

  3. Resistance: One of the most significant challenges in treating malaria is the rapid development of drug resistance by the malaria parasite. Methylene blue offers a fresh perspective in this area, showcasing potential in delaying or even preventing the onset of resistance.

The Way Forward

Despite its promising attributes, methylene blue isn't the magic bullet against malaria. It acts best when used in combination with other drugs. The exact dosages, the best combination therapies, and the potential long-term side effects need further research.

What's clear is the potential role methylene blue can play in the broader strategy against malaria. In an era where drug resistance is a growing concern, methylene blue's reintroduction in the treatment regime could be a strategic move.


The fight against malaria requires a multi-pronged approach. While newer, more sophisticated treatments are being developed, it's essential not to overlook the potential of compounds like methylene blue. The systematic review provides a renewed hope and evidence for methylene blue's role as a complementary treatment, offering a glimmer of hope in our ongoing battle against one of the world's deadliest diseases.

Written by Rob Shockey


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